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Re: VOXSAT-1 donation

I agree with Mike, Gustavo. I think a lot more people would send  money
to  an organization, rather then an individual.  Me included. 

Jeff kb2wqm

 >Gustavo Carpignano, LW2DTZ
>Dear Gustavo,
>Many satellite operators will pay their way on the satellites when 
>asked.  I
>would be one of those in fact. I think it is great there will be 
>amateur satellite for us to use.  Thanks for all your work!
>I have seen your appeal before, and was on the verge of sending you a 
>but I have some serious reservations.
>I mean absolutely no disrespect, and perhaps I am totally out of line, 
>but I
>would be hesitant to send a check written to a private individual.  
>Maybe it
>is a sign of the times, or perhaps a case of excessive caution on my 
>I think you would get much better response if your plea for support 
>asked us
>to write a check to AMSAT LU, or to AMSAT NA with a stipulation it be
>accumulated and forwarded to AMSAT LU.
>I am not questioning your integrity, or doubting the money will end up 
>the proper fund.  I ask you to consider my response, and think about 
>up a fund at a bank or some other institution.
>Respectfully yours,
>Mike Gilchrist kf4fdj@amsat.org
>gustavoc@BBS.PINOS.COM wrote:
>> Checks or money orders should be made out to my name.
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