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Re: Shortened antennas


  I did something similar, and only put up 2 of the 3 sections
  (2x7 elements) of my homebrew cushcraft 2m satellite yagi.  
  Performance was fine on ao-13 (expecially when the squint
  angle was good) and was "ok" on ao-10 out to 20,000 km or so,
  but not useful for anything other than listening to the
  strongest signals on the downlink beyond that.  (I had
  a marginal uplink antenna as well, so I never really
  bothered with '10 beyond 20,000 km or so.  The pattern
  appeared to be "wierd" with big secondary lobes off the 
  centerline, but it worked...

  For LEO operations, the 2x7 elements provided more than 
  enough gain for a solid signal into the pacsats with
  just the '736 barefoot.   (Due to desense problems,
  I used a 2m vertical, rather than the yagi, and had
  plenty of uplink signal.)

  WB1BQE (With no antennas up now.)
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