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[Fwd: A New Day Has Dawned]

GENLEMEN.This is excellent news for the legion of friends Dick has made
over the years 
  If anybody truly has no knowledge of who he is. I refer you to your
Oscar Satellite Report #52 of November 15 1996 for the start of a
biography series that is still going
on in OSR. If you don't have any back issues,send me a stamped addressed
# 10 size       envelope and I  will send you a  copy. Craig N2MNA

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Greetings to all:

Sorry for the "bandwidth" on the distribution for this message, but I have
news of today that I want to share with everyone on the list.

Today, just three days short of one year after my back surgery, I saw the
spinal surgeon on a routine three-month checkup.  The usual X-rays were
taken and then the doctor pronounced the bone graft to be solid and that:

1) I did not need to see him further, unless needed.
2) I did not need to further wear my body brace.

Wow!  This news had not been expected for at least another six months or
so, and I am elated with the "freedom".  On Thursday 10.12.98, I will go
see a physical therapist to get some guidance for working out my dreadfully
tight ham string muscles, but other than that I feel SUPER.

I know that all of you have formed a sort of cheering squad for my
recovery, and I deeply appreciate your support.  Thanks.

Best regards to all,

Dick Jansson
Maitland, Florida, USA

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