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TO-31 images, where?


	I am about to finish my first set of image files from TO-31, I have two
complete and 64% of the third 3E00 images.
	To the moment I can only see them in 256 grey scale and they look great,
but I don't know what am I looking at! :-)
	I know it would be easier to identify the geography from the wider angle
image, but I am spending all my window time on the *big* files.
	Does any of the other images (thumbnail or wide angle) contain the
location info like in KO-23 images? I may spend some KBytes on them if so.
	Even then, I have noticed the absence of thumbnail and wide angle images
for the newer set (3D00), so I don't think location info comes there.

	So: anyone knows where were those images taken? (3E00 & 3D00 sets)

	Thanks for reading & 73 de Fernando, CX6DD.

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