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IC-821H mods

	At least *my* 821 came receiving from 136-174 and txmitting from 144-148.
It is the USA version (bought there), other versions have restricted even
the rx side.
	It is not as easy as a switch but it is possible to widen up rx and tx on
both bands:

I have tested this on my IC-821H and it worked, needless to say 
I assume no responsibility for damage to your rig.

D101 thru D108 are the relevant parts (diodes) and are located on the 
display board. You will have to remove both top and bottom covers and 
flip-down the front panel to gain access to the display board. 
'Installing options' section of the user manual describes this procedure.

D101 thru D108 are all SMD parts mounted near the center of the display 
board forming a single row, D101 being the one closest to the S-meter. 
Note that some diodes may be missing on the row, in my USA-version 
of IC-821 D101, D102, D106 and D108 were missing.

Removing D101 extends VHF RX (to 136-174MHz) (default for USA ver.)
Removing D103 extends UHF RX (to 420-460MHz)
Removing D105 extends VHF TX (to 136-174MHz)
Removing D107 extends UHF TX (to 420-460MHz)

There is no need for resetting to make this mods effective.

Good luck! & 73, Fernando Mederos-CX6DD-fmederos@adinet.com.uy


At 14:53 6/12/98 -0500, Ken Freedman wrote:
>Hi Gang,
>     The manual that came with my 821H states in the spec section that the
>USA version can receive from 136 to 174 mhz, but I've been thru the manual
>from cover to cover twice, and cannot find out how to open up the coverage.
> As delivered, it covers 144 to 148 mhz.
>     I'd like to try this RX on a WX sat.  Is a configuration switch or
>connection buried in there somewhere?
>TNX and 73, Ken
>Ken Freedman
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