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Friends of AMSAT:

Many of you have asked if there is some tangible expression of sympathy you
could make for Martha's mother's passing.

Martha and her sisters feel that, because of their mother's deep love of
Israel, it would be appropriate to make contributions in memory of Sylvia
Saragovitz to the Jewish National Fund (JNF).

By way of explanation, JNF has been around since 1901.  It's mission is,
primarily, the reforestation of the land to its condition at the time of
King David, along with water and soil conservation.  To this end, JNF has
planted well over 200 million trees, developing more than 300,000 acres of
woodland in over 440 major parks and picnic areas which are open to
everyone.  Typically, JNF plants three to five million trees each year.

Contributions can be for as little as one tree.  Here are some suggested

One tree: $10
A ring of 5 trees: $50
A circle of 10 trees: $100
A garden of 100 trees: $500

Contact the Jewish National Fund at:

8607 Second Avenue, Suite 404A
Silver Spring, MD  20910

Phone calls are ok.  Their telephone: 301-589-8565

Please, tell them that trees should be planted to honor the memory of
Sylvia Saragovitz, mother of Martha Saragovitz.  They will send out a
certificate to Martha so you should also say how you want the certificate
to be signed.

The certificate should be sent to:
Martha Saragovitz
9620 Sutherland Rd
Silver Spring, MD  20910

JNF accepts American Express, Master Card, Visa, or a check.

Anything you do will be appreciated.

Until Martha's e-mail is restored, you are welcome to send messages for her
through me at w4art@amsat.org.  The last couple of evenings at her home,
Martha showed prints of your messages to her family.  Your expressions of
sympathy really do mean a great deal to her.

73, art.....
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