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Re: RS-15 attempt & fm qrm

On Wednesday, December 2nd, WA4HEI wrote:

> Is this qrm problem in the 10 meter satellite sub band something new?

Pete...you should take a listen between 28.000 and 28.030 MHz sometime
when the band is open.  The QRM from the AM (Latin speaking) CB stations
is extremely bad.  I often operate from a mountaintop location and can
no longer DX or contest on 10 meter CW because of this problem.  I'm
also seeing additional encroachment on 12, 30 and 40 meters.

I would guess that those Countries in which this illegal activity is
occuring is doing very little in terms of enforcement either.

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*
AMSAT 32574

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