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RE: (.imt)

Just to extend on Johns excelent overview.  Tomorrow morning I have
scheduled up an image of Baghdad which will actually include an image (or 3)
from the 5th camera on TMSAT.  This camera is a video camera and the image
length will be 500bytes, which will include approximately 3 frames of video.
It is possible in this time to detect approximately 1 pixel of movement (!).
The video camera has automatic exposure and if I remember correctly the
resolution is about 400m/pixel.

I will release some software to extract the video images in the next couple
of days.

Assuming I have put this combination together correctly, this will be
available during the morning Europe passes (it may still be processing the
video image during the first passes).  This may result in some of the
current images being deleted automatically by the satellite to maintain
space on the RAM disk.  The current images are generally covered in cloud so
this is not a problem.  Once a good set of images are taken, we will ensure
that there is enough time to download them all.

In addition, tomorrow mornings pass over Europe at approximately 10:55 UTC
will operate the downlink at 38k4.  Anyone wanting to experiment with 38k4
(and who doesn't have a job to go to!) might like to watch this pass.  I
will try to schedule up other 38k4 passes at other times.

Chris G7UPN / ZL2TPO

Chris Jackson
Groundstation and Operations Manager
Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd
University of Surrey
Guildford, Surrey GU2 5HX,  UK 
Ph: +44 1483 259-141
Fax: +44 1483 259-503

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> Yes,  the .IMT files are the images on TMSAT.
> Currently each take results in 5 images:
>     TM00xxxx.IMI is the wide angle image
>     TM01xxxx.IMI is a thumb nail of the wide angle
>     TM10xxxx.IMI is the Near-IR image
>     TM20xxxx.IMI is the Red filter image
>     TM30xxxx.IMI is the Green filter image
> None of the images have the 256 byte images header on them that KO-25
> (KO-23 and 
> UO-22) had on them.
> All the images are 8 bit pixels and the dimensions are:
>     TM00xxxx.IMI  611 pixels wide x 576 pixels high
>     TM01xxxx.IMI  141 pixels wide x 156 pixels high
>     TM10xxxx.IMI  1020 pixels wide x 1020 pixels high
>     TM20xxxx.IMI       -----   ditto   -----
>     TM30xxxx.IMI       -----   ditto   -----
> All the images except the wide angle image can be viewed using an image
> viewer 
> that lets you load raw data from a file and specify the pixel size and 
> dimensions.
> The wide angle image can be viewed in the same way,  but you will end up
> with 2 
> images that look the same because the image is stored with the even lines
> first 
> and then the odd lines.  I have also found it is necessary to start the
> decoding 
> of this image 400 bytes into the image.
> The multispectral images can be displayed individually as a gray scale
> image or 
> they can be combined to generate a false color image.  Currently the red
> filter 
> image (TM20xxx) is rotated 180 degrees relative to the others,  and they
> are not 
> aligned,  so they need some work to get a good image.  Currently I am
> shifting 
> the images according the the following:
> 	Near-IR image  left 1 pixel, up 1 pixel
> 	Red filter     left 2 pixels, down 6 pixels
> 	Green filter   right 11 pixels up 33 pixels
> I say 'Currently'  for all this as I understand from Chris Jackson that
> this 
> will change as the improve the onboard software.
> I do have some Java code that will display these images,  but it is realy
> part 
> of the next release of JStation.  I could make something available that
> stands 
> alone if it is really wanted.
> I do know that Colin Hurst (VK5HI) is working on updating his image viewer
> to 
> display them as well.
> Hope that helps.
> -- John Melton  n6lyt/g0orx
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> > Hello Group
> > 
> >  At the risk of showing my mental slowness! 
> > 
> > I have been copying the mail on the new pacsat (TO-31) and noticed files
> with
> > the extention ---> .imt <---  I gather these are picture files? so my
> question
> > to the group is what program can I use to view these pictures.
> > BTW  at 9600 baud and 60% efficiency I haven't managed to download a
> complete
> > file yet. (expl.  tm203900.imt )  size 1040495 
> > 
> > Also thanks to the group for everyones help with embeded HTML in my keps
> > caused by AOL 4.0
> > 
> > 
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