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Re: Y2k

> >With the talk about the Y2K problems with trackingsoftware, does anyone know
> >if STS Orbit is compliant?
> Easy to check. 
> 1) Set your clock forward ....etc...

The program being compatable is only part of it. Has the 
question of whether the TLE format will change been 
answered (I may have missed it )?  IE, will the epoch times 
just go to 00xxxxxx whatever so that the programs just need 
to assume that anything less than 50 is 20xx rather than 
19xx? I remember some discussion of how this might be 
handled a couple years ago, but never saw any answer. Since 
it is not a "ham" problem since we don't generate the TLEs, 
we have to live with whatever NASA/NORAD decides to give 
us. Have they announced what they will be doing?

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