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Re: (.imt)

Yes,  the .IMT files are the images on TMSAT.

Currently each take results in 5 images:

    TM00xxxx.IMI is the wide angle image
    TM01xxxx.IMI is a thumb nail of the wide angle
    TM10xxxx.IMI is the Near-IR image
    TM20xxxx.IMI is the Red filter image
    TM30xxxx.IMI is the Green filter image

None of the images have the 256 byte images header on them that KO-25 (KO-23 and 
UO-22) had on them.

All the images are 8 bit pixels and the dimensions are:

    TM00xxxx.IMI  611 pixels wide x 576 pixels high
    TM01xxxx.IMI  141 pixels wide x 156 pixels high
    TM10xxxx.IMI  1020 pixels wide x 1020 pixels high
    TM20xxxx.IMI       -----   ditto   -----
    TM30xxxx.IMI       -----   ditto   -----
All the images except the wide angle image can be viewed using an image viewer 
that lets you load raw data from a file and specify the pixel size and 

The wide angle image can be viewed in the same way,  but you will end up with 2 
images that look the same because the image is stored with the even lines first 
and then the odd lines.  I have also found it is necessary to start the decoding 
of this image 400 bytes into the image.

The multispectral images can be displayed individually as a gray scale image or 
they can be combined to generate a false color image.  Currently the red filter 
image (TM20xxx) is rotated 180 degrees relative to the others,  and they are not 
aligned,  so they need some work to get a good image.  Currently I am shifting 
the images according the the following:

	Near-IR image  left 1 pixel, up 1 pixel
	Red filter     left 2 pixels, down 6 pixels
	Green filter   right 11 pixels up 33 pixels

I say 'Currently'  for all this as I understand from Chris Jackson that this 
will change as the improve the onboard software.

I do have some Java code that will display these images,  but it is realy part 
of the next release of JStation.  I could make something available that stands 
alone if it is really wanted.

I do know that Colin Hurst (VK5HI) is working on updating his image viewer to 
display them as well.

Hope that helps.

-- John Melton  n6lyt/g0orx

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> Hello Group
>  At the risk of showing my mental slowness! 
> I have been copying the mail on the new pacsat (TO-31) and noticed files with
> the extention ---> .imt <---  I gather these are picture files? so my question
> to the group is what program can I use to view these pictures.
> BTW  at 9600 baud and 60% efficiency I haven't managed to download a complete
> file yet. (expl.  tm203900.imt )  size 1040495 
> Also thanks to the group for everyones help with embeded HTML in my keps
> caused by AOL 4.0
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