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 Hi all,
Re Quicktrack...
It would be a shame to let it slip. I use QT on an old V20 portable with no
HDD. I'm sure its in basic as I recall a file in the distribution named
QTRAK.BAS or similar.

At 14:56 01/12/1998 +0000, you wrote:
>Bob McGwier, N4HY wrote the program.  The last e-mail address I have for
>him is rwmcgwier@worldnet.att.net.  You can write him and see if this
>address is still good, however he has stated to me that he would not update
>QuikTrak.  Perhaps you can get the source code and modify it for Y2K
>compatibility.  Let me know if you are successful.  I feel sure it was
>written in C.
>Mayfield wrote:
>> My name is Gary "Joe" Mayfield (ka0yos) amsat # 21357.
>> I understand the current plan is not to patch the Y2K problems in
Quiktrak.  I use Quiktrak as does my father (wa0eaf).  I'm under the 


		73 de VK2XCI. Voice of The Edge of The Outback.
	               Norm at Mount Hope. QF27wd                  

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