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Microwave Modules Transverter 23cm

Hi all , can anyone help me out. I have just acquired a Microwave 
Modules 23cm Transverter. It has the following ports :
23cm Ant, Transceiver, IF in , IF out, 23cm receive in, 23cm receive 
out. At the moment I have connected just the
23cm Ant and the Transceiver ports up but I can only get a change in 
receive noise level when I connect the IF out to my transceiver.
I would expect the transceiver output to do the same but there is no 
change in noise level. Can anyone fax or email a circuit diagram
For this or can anyone tell me if I am connecting it up properly. Any 
help would be much appreciated.
The transceiver by the way is the FT847.

73s de Darren G4VTQ

Darren Rainer
Tel : 01403 214411
Fax: 01403 214420
Email: darren.rainer@eyretel.com

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