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Re: aol 4.0

On Sun, 29 Nov 1998 11:00:47 EST, Builderick@aol.com wrote:

>Hey Group
>Having just installed aol version 4. I'm having trouble with the keps.
>I have always saved them from my email and it has worked fine.
> But with america on line version 4.0 when I save the keps file, aol ver 4
>adds this!!

<BR> <- what didn't paste, I'm sure... 

>   to every line and satellite name.

>I'm wondering if anyone has seen this also?


I sent a copy of the keps to my sister, who also has AOL4.. When we
saved the file, it saved with HTML imbedded throughout, including the
<BR> tag at the end of every line. 

This is a feature of HTML Mail for IE and Netscape (AOL4 has IE built
in). AOL tech support tells me there's no way to get around it. 

"Keyword: suggestions" might have some info.. 

The only other thing they said to try was AOL3 - which doesn't do it
that way. 

You need to call tech support and complain further. (1-888-265-8006 -


--- May Peace and love be yours,
Poohbear/Brendan Keyport
poohbear@poohbear.net (Admin)

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