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Re: Rotor control program (ascii output?)

At 02:35 PM 11/29/98 -0500, Tim Hynde wrote:
>What I need is a rotor control program, however; I am building the az/el
>a set of high torque stepping motors that have intelligent controllers.
>would be ideal is a tracker that outputs az/el in ascii. 

You didn't say what host computer or OS you need it to run on.
If Windows is OK, you could use WiSP or The Station Program.
They both support a variety of formats on a serial interface.  I'd
suggest that you support the EasyComm1 or EasyComm2 
interface.  Nova for windows also supports some interfaces.

If you prefer plain DOS, you could run InstantTrack (or any other
program that supports the Kansas City Tracker software interface)
with the rotor driver for one of the parallel-port controllers, such as
the WB5IPM controller or the FODtrack controller.  Or, you could
run FODtrack, which can drive the FODtrack parallel port controller.
Or Nova for DOS.

Under UNIX or UNIX-like systems, SatTrack supports a few
interfaces and comes with source code so you can add more

On the Macintosh, MacDoppler supports the GS-232 serial interface.

Or, if none of those meet your needs, the Java program JStation
(see http://www.qsl.net/n6lyt) supports some interfaces and can be
extended to support more.

Except as noted, information about these programs can all be found
on the AMSAT-NA web pages.  See both the catalog at
http://www.amsat.org/amsat/catalog/software.html and the list of
downloadable software at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/ftpsoft.html.

I am certain there are other programs I neglected to mention.
Your problem won't be finding a program, it will be deciding which
one to use.

73  -Paul

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