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Re: RS12&13

Hi everyone,
A few days ago I decoded the telemetry from RS-12 on 2M and I believe that it
says that both the 15 and 2M receivers were turned off.  Has anyone else been
checking the telemetry?

I expected the 2M RX to be off, since it was transmitting there, but I am not
sure why the 15M RX wasn't operating. 

Incidentally, the exact lines I got this from were "IMS00", and "NIS00".  Full
telemetry decoding tables for RS-12/13 and FO-29 as well as others can be
found in "The Analog Satellite Operating Guide" available from AMSAT.  

John Oppen, KJ6HZ

In a message dated 98-11-21 15:43:58 EST, w7lrd@juno.com writes:

> Hello all
>  What is the current status of these sats?  At 1950Z I could hear Rs12
>  beacon on 2m and rs13 beacon on 10m. Yet was unable to uplink to either
>  (operator trouble perhaps)
>  73...Bob...W7LRD
>  "Always make new mistakes"
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