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Re: Kenwood TS-790A Satellite Frequency Input


Although I am unsure of your problem from your message, the numbers you list
below are the transponder Translation Equation Constants for determining
uplink to downlink frequency relationships the different satellites
transponders. (F*)  Those numbers are used in the formula:

  Downlink Frequency - F* = Uplink Frequency. 

ie: FO29 Mode JA  (Dnlink) 435.850 - 581.800 = 145.950 (Uplink)
This will give you a close idea of where to expect to find your signal (Down)
when sending some dits on the uplink (145.950) It will not be exactly there
since you must add or subtract maximum or minimum shifts in doppler to the 
Down link depending on its position to you at the time. Rock the dial a
little bit and you'll hear your signal coming down, and it will prevent your
running all over the pass band searching and disturbing other QSO's. 

Your F* for FO-20 & 29 are the same as what I use. I have been using 581.004
for AO-10 which has been pretty active for me into Europe the week.

AO-27 is a good start. Forget the formula. Uplink is fixed at 145.850 FM 
Although the center of the Downlink from AO27 is 436.792 FM, if your
tracking program shows it coming close past your QTH expect to pick it up
around 436.805. Just as it passes it will be at 436.792 and continued down
band till you lose it. Don't transmit unless you hear it, as it is always
full of QSO's. 

I hope I have not misunderstood your problem and this is what you needed. If
not perhaps a more detailed explanation will highlight the problem for us.

Best Regards,

Al Emer, N2YAC
Amsat 30492

At 08:38 PM 11/28/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I am looking for some information from anyone who runs a TS-790a for
>Satellite ops.  I have input the frequencies I.A.W. owners manual,  but
>have yet to work any station, and believe me, I have tried.  So
>is there a trick to doing this, or is it just my old fumble fingers?  Below
>are the frequency totals I came up with: 
>           AO-27 ............ 582.650
>           FO-20 ............ 581.800
>           FO-29 ............ 581.800
>           AO-10 ............ 581.154
> Any information anyone could provide would be appreciated.
> Gary D Jones   KB0OFD
> 104341.3223@compuserve.com

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