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Re: TO-31 to be made available for general access

Chris Jackson wrote:
> TO-31 will be opened up for general amateur use this weekend. 

It's already open and some europeans are already tracking it!
At 2048z pass we had signal (up to S5) from AOS till LOS,
but last pass (2226-2241z) signal only appear 3 min after AOS???
Signal was very strong (up to S7, peaking S9) but (my) average 
download is considerably low (by comparison with other pacsat's)... 
I guess it still need some improvements.

Anyway, I's great to have another pacsat on service,
particular now that KO-23 is showing some negative signs...

Once again, Congratulations to all TMSAT team!

See you on TO-31
73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

P.S. May I suggest TMSAT team upload a msg explaining why uploads
     should be reduced to minimum. Otherwise people, who didn't
     read the TO-31 announcement email, will start uploading all
     sort of files. A couple image files were already uploaded...

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