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TO-31 to be made available for general access

TO-31 will be opened up for general amateur use this weekend.  This will
allow amateur radio operators to use the store and forward communications on
the spacecraft, and also download the high resolution multispectral images.

It is hoped that amateur radio operators will take advantage of downloading
the high resolution multispectral images available from TO-31 and keep other
traffic to a minimum.  Due to current limitations with on-board memory,
images will only be available on the satellite for a couple of days after
they are taken.  If other files (especially large files) are uploaded to the
satellite, this will ultimately increase the amount of time taken to
download images and they may therefore be deleted before they are completed.

Unfortunately, the transmitter is still causing some problems and the
downlink is not currently operating over most areas.  Amateurs in Europe and
South-East Asia will find the downlink on most of the time, and it will
remain on for between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the operation of the
transmitter.  This will allow amateurs in areas close to the command
stations to access the satellite, but others will probably find the
transmitter off at most times.  In the coming weeks I hope that the
transmitter will be able to be switched on over more areas to allow many
more amateurs to access TO-31.

During some of these tests, access may again be limited to command stations
only.  If at any time the BBS is "SHUT" (as displayed in WiSP etc) please do
not attempt to access the satellite as it may delay any commanding that is
being undertaken.

TO-31 Information
Downlink		436.925MHz, 9600bd FSK
Uplink			145.925MHz, 9600bd FSK
BBS Callsign		TMSAT1-12
Broadcast Callsign	TMSAT1-11

Chris G7UPN / ZL2TPO

Chris Jackson
Groundstation and Operations Manager
Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd
University of Surrey
Guildford, Surrey GU2 5HX,  UK 
Ph: +44 1483 259-141
Fax: +44 1483 259-503
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