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Re: RS-13 Report

Your point is right on the money.  I hope the controllers for RS-12/13 are

This was the most popular LEO going (I'm not ignoring AO-27, I'm just biased
to slightly longer QSOs) when it was in mode KA.  Often the phone portion was
so crowded on weekend passes you couldn't find a spot to call CQ.  You could
usually count at least a half-dozen CW QSO's in the bottom half of the
passband during weekend passes as well.  I made one keying my 2m FM rig just
to see if it could actually be done.  It didn't matter if you were talking to
a Tech on the 2m uplink or an Extra in the CW passband at 21.220.  There were
a lot of people using the bird and that's what its all about.  When RS-12 was
in mode T this summer that was interesting as a change, but turning one of the
birds' mode A uplink back on would be wonderful for amateurs all over the
globe.  Anybody listening?

73 es BCNU on the birds
Jerry, K5OE

In a message dated 11/28/98 7:55:47 AM Central Standard Time,
redj@together.net writes:

> I'd love to!  Trouble is, like a whole bunch of us out here, I lack the
>  license to operate in that portion of the band (I only hold a General Class
>  ticket).  That essentialy reserves this bird for Advanced or Extra class
>  licensees.  Sure puts a lot of AMSAT members off this bird......
>  73 de Red
>  K1RED
>  William Erhardt wrote:
>  > Howdy - Bill KA7YAO in Helena, Montana - tested the RS-13 on the 20:50 -
>  > 21:05 pass today 5/7 on the beacon (29.504) and 57 on the down line
>  > /uplink 21.270 with only 10 watts. No downlink on the 144 side. Good
>  > on the down link audio on ssb and very clear on the CW. Hope some will
>  > contact with me on this Bird.

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