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On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, James B Sibley wrote:

> Can someone tell me how i can take ATV signals from my scanner, hook it
> up to my tv, and what it. I want to watch one of those NASA TV programs
> at 426.250MHz and so forth.

Sorry, you can't do it. Amateur ATV is 6 Mhz wide. It cannot be received
with a scanner.

Besides, it is highly unlikely that even if you had the proper receiver,
that anyone in your area would be re-transmitting the NASA channel. The
advts from PC Electronics are somewhat misleading....

1)  There has to be ATV activity in your area (ie. a repeater that you can

2)  There has to be a ham with the capability to receive the NASA channel
(either on cable or via satellite) that *also* has ATV equipment, that
*also* is willing to transmit the NASA channel to the ATV repeater.

It *does* happen, but it is not as common as the PC Electronics ad might
make it seem.

> Can you change KHz to MHz? Or are they two different things?

Yes you can change Khz to Mhz, and yes they are two different things.
To change Khz to Mhz you need to move the decimal point.....what...
3 spaces to the left?

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