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Re: Re: Grid Squares

On Thursday, November 26th, Ted Brattstron wrote:

> Actually, I think we could make it more fun, add in a factor for distance
> between the grids worked :-) :-) :-)

Did you know that there is a 160 meter contest that utilizes that very
premise for scoring?  It's called the Stew Perry Distance Challenge and
the logging software "TR" supports it.  I was in it last year and had a

The contest exchange is signal report + grid square and the number of
points awarded for each contact is dependent on the distance involved
(with an extra point awarded for each 500 kilometers of distance).

It really levels the playing field and perhaps some AMSAT awards should
have incorporated something similar...dunno.  It would certainly
demonstrate (and emphasize) the effectiveness of one's satellite station
& antennas - making the award more valuable & desirable in my humble
opinion.  <Your mileage may vary.>  :-)

//Garie  *K8KFJ*

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