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AO-27 pass

Hi guys,

  So much for that pass! Way too many ops on at one
time. What a mess! I tried a couple of times with my
call and grid but no replies. Heard the downlink
loud and clear until about 5 minutes into the pass,
then the downlink was wiped out when a boater started
his old 2 stroke outboard with a VERY noisy ignition.
(I live right on the lake here). Started to get some
of the downlink a couple minutes later but never 
could hear well enough to copy. 
  I did hear one fella, I won't mention calls & I hope
you're reading this, IF you don't hear the downlink
remember AO-27 is VERY popular so you WILL hear someone
else on the downlink) don't transmit. Several calls
were made, with the usual blowing into the mike, and
asking if anyone was out there. That person had a lot
of power and was wiping almost everyone out when they
did that!  
  I heard a station from California during
the early part of the pass, and heard the station from
the MacDonald Observatory but did not get the call.
  Fun stuff!  Unfortunately the next good pass is after
dark, and it is my understanding AO-27 shuts down when
it is not in sunlight. Correct me if I'm wrong..
Chris KH2PM
Lake Conroe, TX
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