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Re: OFF TOPIC Coding for DOS (was Re:VR-85 help)

On Fri, 27 Nov 1998 06:08:09 +0000, Michael P. Olbrisch wrote:

>Well, there will always be those who resist change.  By God, thats the way
>they did it back in 1941, and if it was good enough then, it is good enough
>now.  Try OLE on DOS heh heh heh...

Well, there's those intelligent enough to realize the recycled concepts
in MonopolyOS are at least 4 years old, and can be done anywhere with
enough work. Change is good, just make it change to concepts that are
new, perhaps? Anyway, the concept in computers should be L(U)CD... not
LMRC - when it comes to programming software.. Monopoly95 and
Monopoly98 are fine - when needed - I have yet to see a HAM program,
however, that has NEEDED the full Monopoly32 programing set.

Your kind of thinking, the exclusionary tactics, is part of why
Monopoly/Redmond is in court. Forcing unwanted change down people's
throats using illegal methods. 

L(U)CD = lowest (usable) common denominator. 
LMRC = Latest Monopoly Recycled Crud

--- May Peace and love be yours,
Poohbear/Brendan Keyport
poohbear@poohbear.net (Admin)

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