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Re: found grid sq ok

    So what good is the grid system?
    If I told you my grid (what ever the hell it is)
    would you know my QTH without getting out a map?

    If I told you my QTH is in the north east corner of Missouri 
    would you need a map?

    I just dont see what good it is.

A six character Maidenhead Grid Square is basically an abbreviation for
a small rectangle of longititude and latitude.  The last two letters
of the six character form (such as CM87uw at my old QTH) are additional
locating information and generally aren't useful for award purposes,
unless it's being used to determine approximate milage between two
stations.  Hence, they are customarily in lower case, being relative
insignificant.  Those who have received a QSL card from me will find
both the co-ordinates and the long-form grid square designator.

I get my co-ordinates from my own map database, or from Etak if i don't
have that quad on-line.  You can take my co-ordinates and look them up
on a digital map and get within less than a block of my operating point.
(That is, assuming i recognized it correctly and didn't miscopy it to
the card -- alot harder now that i've automated that much.) So i keep a
database of USGS DLG's for my customary operating areas in CM87 (you'll
see something like "122Wxx'xx 37Nxx'xx" if it's from that database) and
can zoom down to the street or block level (even at qaud corners) as
well as showing elevation contours if i have that data on-line as well.
I can click on my operating point and it types out the location for me.
(n.b. This dates back to before ARPS has wide coverage S.F. Bay Area
street level maps.)  If it's outside of my own database, then i use
Etak's on-line maps, which give less precise co-ordinates since it's a
free service.  (You'll see those as "xxxWxx.x xxNxx.x" on my cards if
that's where i got the data.)  To try it for yourself:


Would i know your QTH?  Not unless i knew your area REALLY well, and
indeed, even in CM87 i probably won't have much of a clue.  I'd need
a map in either case.  Is it necessary to provide my level of detail on
a QSL card?  Hell, no!!  It's just fun, especially if one doesn't own
a 'GPS'...

What good are grid sqaures?  VUCC, which is based on grid squares,
provides a comparable challenge for VHF and above operators to the
better known DXCC award.  Some people collect Fields as well as (or
instead of) Grids, and 'field' being the first two letters of the grid
			-- KD6PAG  (who needed a distraction tonight)

P.S.  According to your ZIP code, i believe the grid square for your
callbook address is EM49lk, a grid squire i've worked before but do
not yet have a card for.  Please work me on AO-27 if you get the 
chance.  See http://qsl.net/kd6pag/AO-27.html and suggest a time if
you prefer.
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