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RS-18 Update

Happy Thanksgiving !

 I brought my Arrow sat antenna and laptop to my
friends' house this afternoon. After dinner, I got
out my laptop and ran STSPlus. I explained to this
group of 10 or so non-hams that I could track 
satellites with this program. Needless to say, some
of them were skeptical about the accuracy. STSPlus
predicted Sputnik-41 pass around 1830 local so I
got my antenna and HT out and we all went out to
the driveway. I told them all about Sputnik-41 as
I was setting up. My friend's wife is fluent in
a few European languages, and was interested in
hearing the recorded message from the satellite.
She was able to interpret the Russian and French
messages. Pretty cool.
The pass was just as predicted..and boy, did I wow
the crowd! Sure was a lot of fun. They had no idea
that ham radio had any satellite activity, just the
usual shortwave radio stories had they heard. Then
a few minutes later I tuned in MIR's packet freq 
and heard that loud and clear. I also tried 143.625,
where I usually hear the cosmonauts but not tonight.
The HUBBLE Space Telescope was a few minutes away,
and STSPlus showed the pass would be a "visible" one,
meaning the sat would be reflecting the sun as it 
went over our darkened part of the world. I told 
them to watch for what looked like an airplane with
a bright light on passing overhead from the west..
sure enough, here comes HUBBLE!  What a cool way
to spend a Thanksgiving...
Just thought I'd pass that along.

Check out this web page on SPUTNIK 41:



Chris KH2PM

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