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Hi James:

You can not take an ATV signal from a scanner and connect it to your TV set.
Scanners do not have video detectors.  However, you can receive ATV signals on a
cable ready TV, or a VCR tuned to cable channel 57 - 60.  Note that you must
tune to "Cable" channel 57 - 60, not UHF channels 57 - 60.  Unless the ATV
repeater is local, you will need to connect the TV or VCR to an outside UHF
antenna, not your local cable coax.  426.250MHz corresponds closely to cable
channel 58.  The actual frequency of channel 58 is 427.25 MHz., which is the
traditional ATV freq.  However, in some areas of the country, 426.250MHz is used
instead 427.25 MHz.  Most TVs and VCRs will still lock on to 426.250MHz with

The Houston ATV group has one of the best ATV web sites at:

Check out the "How to get on ATV Cheap" for more info on watching ATV



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>Can someone tell me how i can take ATV signals from my scanner, hook it
>up to my tv, and what it. I want to watch one of those NASA TV programs
>at 426.250MHz and so forth.
>Can you change KHz to MHz? Or are they two different things?

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