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Re: VR-85 help

On 11-26 07:13pm, the following was written:

> I second that sentiment!  I have not seen a Windows version yet that
> has managed to impress me, so I'm sticking with the tecnically superior
> choice.

Jim & group:

I have to agree! It's amazing what I do with DOS ham apps on my little
HP200LX palmtop PC. I track Mir using STSOrbit, then when it's time for it
to appear I switch to BayCom and proceed to have fun! It seems like
everubody who is a technogeek like me is rushing out to buy the latest
little Window$ CE units with the fancy color screens, but to the best of my
knowledge there aren't any ham apps for them, much less software that will
allow someone to connect to a LEO satellite with them. I'm also getting
ready to dedicate a HP100LX that I keep as a spare for APRS work in my
Sheriff's patrol car (provided DOS APRS will run on it). DOS just seems to
me to be such a stable OS and there's no memory hungry GUI, but like I said,
I'm a technogeek and like commandline interfaces. Anyway, that's my $0.02
worth. Happy Thanksiving all and have fun. Oh yeah.... Jim I'll see you on
Mir later this eveing via my DOS palmtop <grin>.

73 Jeff KF4KGQ

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