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Re: Grid Squares


Mark Johns wrote:

> But the primary utility is as a contest
>parameter for VHF/UHF.  If you're trying to work the greatest number
>of states in a weekend, you're at a big advantage if you happen to
>live in Vermont rather than in Montana.  If you're collecting
>countries, far better to be in Europe than in Australia.  But if we're
>collecting grids, they're all the same size and shape, so everyone is
>working on a level playing field.

They may be all the same size and shape, but if you live in the middle of
an ocean with 8 inhabited grid squares within 1000 km radius, you'll
realize that it still isn't a level playing field :-) :-) :-)

compare VHF contest scores from a typical US East coast station.... 100
grids on 6, 100 grids on 2 etc. vs my "winning" scores in Hawaii. Last
contest I worked 8 or 9 grids - total all bands

My satellite grid count is only about twice my "country" count (but it
might be pretty close to the sum of my states plus "country" count :-) :-)

>the reason grids were invented in the first place.  If you are going
>to describe how effective your satellite operation is, it's much more
>meaningful to say you've worked 100 grids than 100 countries, because
>we all know the exact measuring scale being employed, and that it has
>far fewer variables involved than the other system.

Actually, I think we could make it more fun, add in a factor for distance
between the grids worked :-) :-) :-)

More meaningful? I think that Grids vs/and countries is all for fun, and
highly dependant on the ham population density in the area around you. That
area also depends on the satellites you work....

For investigation into VHF propagation modes - grids are easier

73 and aloha - ted - nh6yk  (lets you know my state and "country")
                     BL11aj (lets you know I'm operating from school on Oahu)

>Mark D. Johns, Cedar Falls, Iowa -- K0MDJ (EN32sm)

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