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Re: Preamp needed


ARR makes a small receive only 70cm pre-amp that works from a 9v battery
if that's how you wire it up.  It is made for 12v, but works on 9v. I
use one with my ARROW and it works quite nice.  It has BNC connectors.

As an aside, I also have a gain dual band antenna, and it works quite
well with the pre-amp also, although pointing is a bit more critical
that with the ARROW. Make sure your diplexer has enough isolation so you
don't burn out the gasfet!

I have found that AO-27 favors an angle somewhat off vertical
orientation on the downlink.  What is your experience?

73, Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org

John Wood wrote:

>  I would like to have suggestions for a preamp (70 CM) that is battery
> powered
> (hopefully) and is small in size that could be connected to the
> BNC connector of the 70 cm portion of the antenna.

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