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Re: found grid sq ok

>  If you're trying to work the greatest number
>  of states in a weekend, you're at a big advantage if you happen to
>  live in Vermont rather than in Montana.  If you're collecting
>  countries, far better to be in Europe than in Australia.  But if we're
>  collecting grids, they're all the same size and shape, so everyone is
>  working on a level playing field. 

I apologize for adding to this noise, but I beg to differ....
Grids may all be the same size, but geographic "luck" distorts the vision of a
level playing field when you are talking primarily LEO satellites.  An op in
Indiana or Illinois has 360 degrees of workable grids.  Where I am in SE
Texas, I have effectively 180 degrees of workable grids, save for the rare XE
or KH6.  That shrinks to 90 degrees if you are in Miami and 45 degrees if you
are in Hilo.  P3D will level this playing field to a great extent, but for now
everyone can play their own location's strengths and can rise to providence's
challanges.  W9's may have a lot of populated grids around them, but will find
it quiet a challange to get KH6 for WAS, and DXCC is essentially impossible on
LEOs.  W1's get great exposure into Europe for DXCC, but may have never heard
KH6 and W6 and KL7 may only be easily attainable on FO-20.  That station is
Miami, though, can reach 4 continents on LEO's!

Jerry, K5OE
Houston, TX, EL29

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