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Re: Re: Returned mail: ... vbook-nospam.com: host not found

On Wed, 25 Nov 1998 22:53:32 -0800 (PST), John Mock wrote:

>>    Why is it that every person needs special treatment just to send an
>>    ordinary message?  Life is just TOO complicated!  Cliff K7RR
>Unfortunately, if one posts to USENET with an unhacked e-mail address,
>one gets piles of junk e-mail.  Hence i post as <kd6pag@qsl-nojunk.net>
>(as the spammers have now learned to routinely excise 'nospam' from
>e-mail addresses posted to USENET, alas).

Usenet isn't the only bag o'spam out there - you have an email address
posted into your web browser? (insert the voice of that southern style
cook here) I guarentee (end insert) that you'll get spam from it, too. 

I routinely have spam all over my backup account - the best way to
deal? any message without a TO: header? Trashed. Any intelligent mail
list that isn't spam has TO: the address of the mailing list. 

PMMail (OS/2 and Win32) has a way to do it, so I know the others should
as well. 


--- May Peace and love be yours,
Poohbear/Brendan Keyport

poohbear@poohbear.net (Admin)

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