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Re: found grid sq ok

sort of funny watching the thread on grid squares and why we should or 
should not use them.  

it is rather amusing...the only thing we really, really use them for is collecting 
an award. but we are not the only ones that have some funny ways to collect 
an award.

in germany, they have the entire country divided up into what they call
dok zones. if you work so many dok zones, you can get an award. so what
the heck does dok have to do with berlin, hamburg, etc....

in japan, they have zones that they call guns. collect enough guns and
earn an award.

if you work 10m, there are 1010 numbers, if you work 6 meters, there are
smirk numbers, if you are a big cw operator, there is a fist number.

if you work someone in each state, there is an award, same thing for 
countries, but you will never convience me that hawaii, alaska and mellish
reef are countries but if you want to collect them, you can.

let's just say that if you don't want to collect, be kind enough to give
one out for those that do. if not, no big deal either. ham radio is a
hobby, it is your choice of how you participate and what you do.


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