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Re: found grid sq ok

On 11-25 12:36pm, the following was written:

> So what good is the grid system?
> If I told you my grid (what ever the hell it is)
> would you know my QTH without getting out a map?
> If I told you my QTH is in the north east corner of Missouri
> would you need a map?
> I just dont see what good it is.
> John, N0AJF

Hi John! Actually if you study a grid square map there is somewhat of an
order to it. I'm not the one to explain it though, I'm sure there are others
on the list that are more literary fluent than I. As far as usefulness, what
if you were in the middle of the ocean and theere was no land..... you could
give a grid square and we would be able to find you! I guess it's the same
as lat and longitudes, if you told me yours I wouldn't know where it is
(ok... I might have somewhat of a clue <grin>) but I could find it. Oh
well... I'm rambling so let me just say that I'll continue trying to work as
many grids as I can. Have fun!

73 Jeff

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