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Re: AO-10. WOW!.

Hi Peter,

I still have the OLD keps in my computer, and other than
the rise time and set time being off by about 15 minutes,
the bird was right where I figured it would be.  It rises
15 minutes or so sooner than my PC says, and it sets about
15 minutes sooner.  But if I allow for the 15 minute
difference, the beam headings, etc. are pretty good.
One further comment, I did put the newer elements into
the same program and compared the two.  The new ones were
so far off I knew there had to be something wrong with 
them, so for the time being I am on the keps of 1998-194.

Anyhow, nice to hear some activity on the bird on Sunday.
NH6VB was in there also, with a few takers on 145.906 
or so downlink. (Peter, I was in there calling, but 
got covered up).

I'll be there again today, in about an hour and a half
CQ'ing away again until she goes over the horizon.

John, K6YK

On Sun, 22 Nov 1998 11:40:22 -0800 Peter Rogers
<progers@lightspeed.bc.ca> writes:
>	Hello out there, had a spectacular QSO on AO-10 to day, 1900 
>to 1930 UTC.
>	Round table with KC2PJX, N6PAA, N2YAC, K6YK all with the 
>satellite below
>the horizon, at least all our keps showed below, my AZ and EL at the 
>showed 114, -46, my actual settings were EL 0, AZ 180.
>	My keps were the adjusted ones on the BB, we think it was a 
>bending of the
>signals over the horizon, anyone out there have a better explanation??
>	My total QSO's from 18:30 UTC till 19:30 UTC were 8, not bad 
>for a busted
>satellite eh!
>73 Peter.  VE7AHX.
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