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Re: Further thoughts on AO-10.


I tried to load the new massaged 2 line keps into STS plus which I used
during the contact. (July AO10 keps from Ray Hoads 10/30/98 update)
UTC Time was calibrated before all passes this morning. The new Keps crash
both STS & Nova when loaded, even with a carriage return inserted so I am
unable at the moment to see if the steering points are the answer to the
below the horizon contact. My gut feeling is this may prove to be the case,
but if not I am at a loss to see the mechanism involved. Propagation to
space would be cool though.

My LAT : 40.3840N
   LON : -74.1710W
   Elv : 37 meters

STS for AO-10 @ this time now 22:42:40 UTC  is AZM 38.38  El -27.66

Set this in your Tracker and see if we agree.
Set the new Keps in and lets see how much off we are in the point.
I had peak signals 20 - 40 degrees right of where my tracking program said I

Al Emer N2YAC

At 12:49 PM 11/22/98 -0800, you wrote:
>	Started to think about the supposed bending of signals on AO-10, turned my
>computer back in time to where we had lost the satellite but were still
>working it, I re-energized Quiktrak and Instant track and applied the
>adjusted keps for AO-10, at that time (19:20 UTC) they showed AO-10 to be
>10 deg EL, the same keps in STATION showed -40 deg.
>	Did anyone else query their tracking programs?, maybe this wasn't a
>bending of signals, but 5 out of 6 in the round table said their tracking
>showed a minus Elevation.
>	Did they upgrade their keps with the latest from G3RUH?  What programs
>were they using?
>I would appreciate some thoughts from the experts in the field of keps and
>Thanks es 73 Peter VE7AHX.
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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