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Further thoughts on AO-10.

	Started to think about the supposed bending of signals on AO-10, turned my
computer back in time to where we had lost the satellite but were still
working it, I re-energized Quiktrak and Instant track and applied the
adjusted keps for AO-10, at that time (19:20 UTC) they showed AO-10 to be
10 deg EL, the same keps in STATION showed -40 deg.

	Did anyone else query their tracking programs?, maybe this wasn't a
bending of signals, but 5 out of 6 in the round table said their tracking
showed a minus Elevation.
	Did they upgrade their keps with the latest from G3RUH?  What programs
were they using?

I would appreciate some thoughts from the experts in the field of keps and

Thanks es 73 Peter VE7AHX.
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