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Leonids PACKET results

APRS Meteor Event Results

Over 17-18 Nov Leonids Meteor Shower, 37 packet stations transmitted APRS
formatted 2meter packets on 145.79 (short test, since this will be the
ISS/MIR  frequency soon).  Everyone that ran a beam except for
one station reported either hearing others, or being seen by others.  One
station heard a 630 mile packet on an omni, and was seen by another
station over a 537 mile path.  Results:

Total paths:           48 not counting dupes
Seen by most:          WA4HEI seen by 8 other stns, N8DEU seen by 7
Heard most:            N8QLT heard 5 others, KB9JLW heard 3
Greatest distance:     W0IBM heard by KE4CUA over 1185 mi
Longest burn:          W3ADO heard by K4RS. 23 packets in one burst
Omni antenna success:  N3UYI heard WA4HEI over 630 mi
                        and was seen by N8QLT over 537 mi

HEARD LOGS submitted by 19 stations

W2EV    Heard W0IBM, K4RS, WA4HEI
KB9JLW  heard N2QAE, VE2DWE-5, WA4HEI-2 times
WA7HRA  heard K7RR
WA8INZ  Heard W2EV
N3ZLL   Heard WA4HEI
KF6QNC  heard N7HXP
N5TAM   heard N8DEU
KA1LM   heard VE2DWE
N3OZB   heard WA4HEI   690 mi
WA5FRF  heard N8DEU
K9OPO   heard VE2DWE   758 Mi
KA3ZPM  heard W0IBM    866 mi
KF7TP   heard WA6YLB   580 mi
WD0E    heard N8DEU    1071 mi
WA6FQM  heard N7HXP    645 mi
NU0C    heard no pkts, but was occassional operator while doing SSB DX

TRANSMIT SUCCESSES from 18 stations showing Milages:

WA4HEI  Seen by 2EV-462,ZLL-690,NRD-720,OBQ-680,OZB-675
WA4HEI  Seen also by QAE-678,UYI-630,JLW-264
N8DEU   Seen by FRF-813,TAM-670,D0E-1071,4RS-621,2EV-757,OBQ-670,QAE-770
VE2DWE  Seen by N8QLT-560,KA1LM-535,N2QAE-368,OPO-758,JLW-789
K4RS    Seen by W3ADO 2@ 821,W2EV 2@ 1100,N3ZLL  2@ 871 mi
W3ADO   seen 23 times by K4RS-821*,KE4CUA-651,HEI-677
N8QLT   Seen by W2EV-296,N2QAE-456,N3OBQ-470
N2NRD   seen by HEI-720,QLT-469,HEI-681 mi
WB4RXZ  Seen by N3ZLL-496,KB4LCI-383
W0IBM   Seen by W2EV-740,KE4CUA-1185*
N2QAE   Seen by N8QLT-456,JLW-700
N7HXP   Seen by KF6QNC 689,WA6FQM-645
W2EV    Seen by WA8INZ 866 mi
N3UYI   Seen by N8QLT  537 mi Xomni
N3OBQ   Seen by N8QLT  536 mi
K7RR    Seen by WA7HRA 1000 mi
KC8CSD  Seen by W2EV   304 mi
WA6YLB  Seen by KF7TP  580 mi

See you next shower!
de WB4APR, Bob

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