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Re: AO-10 Keps

Date sent:      	Sun, 15 Nov 1998 08:34:14 -0500
To:             	amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org (Amsat Bulletin Board)
From:           	w4sm@cstone.net (Stacey Mills)
Subject:        	[amsat-bb] AO-10 Keps

JStacey Mills, W4SM, worked his magic on the old AO-10 keps to make them a 
little more relevant. I use the TLE style orbital data available at Kelso's and 
Ransom's WEB pages with WISP and STSPLUS. What is the appropriate method of 
converting Stacey's data to that useable by both programs mentioned? Is it just 
cut and paste?  

                                    TIA, Pete/wa4hei    

> Satellite: AO-10
> Catalog number: 14129
> Epoch time:     98 318.86783
> Inclination:        26.7600 deg
> RA of node:         58.4820 deg
> Eccentricity:     0.59972
> Arg of perigee:    265.8370 deg
> Mean anomaly:      216.5650 deg
> Mean motion:     2.05838221 rev/day
> Decay rate:         0.00    rev/day^2


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