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Thanks! What A bunch of Good Guys

Two weeks ago I posted a message looking for skeds for the 4 states I still
needed for WAS.  The response was terrific.  It makes me proud to be
associated with as selfless and helpful a bunch of people as hams have been to
me over my 20 years of "playing around" with radios.  To show you what I mean:

Mark, KE0VN, who had been too busy for sats lately and was relatively
inactive, had to load new keps just to work me from ND on RS-13.  

John, AL7JK, who not only made a great (but quick) sked on FO-20, but sent me
FB pictures of bears and moose.  I hope you're on 40m phone for the SS, John

Ty, KK7AG, who went looking for me on FO-20, and then even apologized for
breaking in to give me WY; what a gentleman.  He also needs DE for his last

Bob, N9GG (and various other calls, including W3TT), who is the manager of the
HRO store in Newcastle, DE.  He told me to call their 800 number 15 minutes
before the pass.  When I called, they scrambled and opened up a new FT-1000D
to make the RS-13 CW sked (not a bad mode K rig, with 200 w and dual
receivers!!).  Man, Oh Man, what a bunch of hams in that store!
1-800-644-4476, ask for Bob, tell him Jerry sent you, and ask for the deal on
the FT-847 (with free shipping).  Gave the xyl his number for my "Christmas

As honerable mention, I also want to thank N7SFI, KB8VAO, and KF4FDJ who sent
me valuable "referals."

Muchas gracias, amigos.
Jerry, K5OE
Houston, TX, EL29
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