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Re: Canadian/Mexican grid maps please

At 10:57 PM 11/19/98 , Mike Gilchrist (KF4FDJ) wrote:
>Thanks for your response.  I KNOW how to determine grid square
>designators.  I am looking for a map I can print, color in grids I
>worked, and have it ready for reference to see if I "need" a particular
>grid.  I would like to find a graphic image of Canada with grids
>delineated, as well as Mexico.
>73, Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org

When you find one please put it on the net for the rest of us to get also!!!
What would be nice is a "software" map that we would be able to just check
off the grids on the computer and do it that way. Any ideas??? 

73, Bill N4XEO

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