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Re: MScatter good here last night

John W Lee wrote:

> (I still managed to call CQ for hours on Oscar 10 with
> a good downlink signal and NO ANSWERS !)  


I heard you call QC and we had a rather nice QSO.  Or doesn't that

>From experience I know MOST of the analog birds see regular usage, and
at times heavy usage.  I fear that if we keep lamenting the lack of use
of the analog birds, sponsors and developers will continue with the
trend and continue "tossing" up new digital birds instead of new analog
hardware.  Why should we send another analog bird up when nobody uses
them anyway, they might be asking.  

I have made close to 300 contacts on the analog birds since August, many
of them rare and DX indeed. While you were glued to one small section of
the passband calling CQ for "hours," could it be that other ops were
doing precisely the same thing?  I always make it a point to "let up"
and sweep the passband for other activity every couple minutes.  I have
seen this very thing happening on several of the birds; 3 ops calling CQ
and nobody talking to anybody else.

My point is, and I will take exception to any contrary statement
whenever I hear it, is that the analog birds are indeed being used, and
I for one thank the Japanese for FO-20, and FO-29, the satellite
community for the ancient bird AO-10, and respectfully ask them to
consider more analog birds when they sit down for discussion.  I can
pick a digital bird out nearly every hour of the day.  Analog birds
approximately every 4 hours on average.  

Let's be careful of our statements, they ARE listening!

Thanks and 73, Mike

Mike Gilchrist KF4FDJ
 - P.O. Box 763 - Fort Myers, FL 33902-0763

kf4fdj@amsat.org - www.gate.net/~seven77

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