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Re: Canadian/Mexican grid maps please


Thanks for your response.  I KNOW how to determine grid square
designators.  I am looking for a map I can print, color in grids I
worked, and have it ready for reference to see if I "need" a particular
grid.  I would like to find a graphic image of Canada with grids
delineated, as well as Mexico.

73, Mike kf4fdj@amsat.org

Rudy Benner wrote:
> Grid squares can be manually derived from Longitude and latitude.
> Its not all that difficult. Look at a map of the USA and your grid
> square map, you should be able to determine the relationship.
> Another way is to use a GPS receiver. Well....maybe not all will do
> this....its tedious but my Garmin will allow me to input long/lat, then
> I change my setup to MAIDENHEAD coordinates....voila, grid square for
> that long/lat.
> VE3BDR - EN98 - sorry, not on the air for last 3 years.
> I used to do meteor, tropo, moonbounce, satellite.

> >
> >I have tried, to no avail, finding on the Internet, a grid square map
> >for Canada and Mexico.  Since we manage to work so many grids in our
> >neighboring countries, I would like to keep a printed copy in my QSL
> >binder.  I have an excellent one for the states.
> >
> >Does anybody have, or would someone be willing to scan their grid maps
> >for me?  I would like it to be able to be sized for 8 1/2 x 11 printing
> >to fit into a report cover.
> >
> >Thanks and 73!  Mike

Mike Gilchrist KF4FDJ
 - P.O. Box 763 - Fort Myers, FL 33902-0763

kf4fdj@amsat.org - www.gate.net/~seven77

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