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Re: Leonids APRS packet results

At 23:21 11/18/98 -0500, Jim Shorney wrote:

>Next time, some of you guys on the coasts try beaming the central US
>for a bit, eh?  I know my station was working, I made 10 random SSB
>scatter contacts on the very same rig that was beaconing while I was
>asleep or at work....
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>Jim Shorney                   -->.<--Put complaints in this box
>Lincoln, NE, USA

Just for the record, I alternated my beam heading from due north (copied
W3ADO), to NW, 315 degrees (copied N8DEU), and due west (copied nothing).
By my calculations, Lincoln is at a heading of 316 degrees from my qth.  If
you had been beaming toward Florida when a meteor entered, there is a good
chance I would have heard you.  What direction where you beaming?

73 de Roger Snyder, K4RS            
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