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Re: Comm Port Help

Jim Wotus wrote:

> If  I switch to another window or just
> click on the desk top then switch back to the tnc window I can nolonger
> talk to the tnc I have to exit the software or reset the port in some
> way to get control back
> Using windows 95
> Com 1 is the mouse
> Com 2 is used by an internal phone modem ( USR winmodem)
> Com 3 and Com 4 are the new ports.

Good morning.   Are you using a dos-based program?  My original setup
experienced problems much like that, except I re-gained control when it
became the primary window again.  I discovered a command in the properties
that allowed the packet program to remain semi-active while in the
backround.  I eventually bought a win-95 based program and the problems went
away.  BTW, if you set the internal modem to comm3 or 4, it would have freed
up comm2 for the tnc.  Good luck...

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