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Re: Leonids

Peter Guelzow wrote:
> Hi,
> I was lucky to tune-in the night before we expected the "big" Leonid
> shower. What was first claimed to be an outburst, was indeed the maximun.
> About 16h earlier than anticipated.  It was PHANTASTIC!!! 

Don't mention that, please. I'm steeling recovering from the shock! :)
I went to sleep that night to be ready for the "big one".
Only next day, when I phoned CT1FAK, I realised what I missed. 
He had done more than 200 qso that night, all over europe!
I was sad, but expecting last night was even better!
Well... it was big! A big desapointment, I mean! 
I stayed up until 4.30 am, and not even a single wisper I heard. 
Not even saw a meteorit... Damm it!

Oh well, hopefully in 30 years I'll have another good chance!
I'll stay up the full week! It's a promise! :)

Congratulations to everybody who had suceded!

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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