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Comm Port Help

Hi all I'm working on automating my satellite station and I have run
into a com port problem that has me stumped.  I have added 2 serial
ports.  To test out the ports I connected my packet modem to them and
both ports behave the same - as long as the window is active I can send
and recieve data from the tnc.  If  I switch to another window or just
click on the desk top then switch back to the tnc window I can nolonger
talk to the tnc I have to exit the software or reset the port in some
way to get control back

Using windows 95
Com 1 is the mouse
Com 2 is used by an internal phone modem ( USR winmodem)
Com 3 and Com 4 are the new ports.
Tried 2 TNC's mfj 1278 and Paccom Tiny2
Used both a DOS program in a window -  2nd OP and a windows 95 program -
winpack V6.1 for terminal programs, both behave the same
All ports are unique addresses and IRQ's

Thanks for any help

Jim - W6RYI
e-mail - ka1ryi@ix.netcom.com

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