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cross yagi phasing harness prblm??

Hi Everyone,

              I just finish build my 70cm cross yagi. I have a headached
with it's swr reading.
I tried reading the swr of each set (horizotal and vertical) and I got a
good swr reading 1.3 reading in each set but when I install the phasing
harness (I used 3/4 wavelength
rg-11 with velocity factor of 66 ) I got the reading surge to 4 .
                   I would like to know to anyone who have built a cross
yagi who overcome this problem.
                   Here is some details of my cross yagi.

                   15 elements cross yagi with T matching
                    The cross yagi is physically offeset 1/4 wavelenth
from the other in one boom to get the circular polarization
                   Phasing harness is rg-11 (13.43 inches long) . I use
n type connector for the t-match section. In the phasing harness T
connector, I use pl-259  and t connector to couple the two phasing lines
to the transmission line coax.
                    I hope this details is enough.. I hope then that
anyone could help me bring down the swr reading.. I was wondering why
there is a great swr change. Does interaction results to this swr
                    I appreciate very much to those who could help.


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