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I was lucky to tune-in the night before we expected the "big" Leonid
shower. What was first claimed to be an outburst, was indeed the maximun.
About 16h earlier than anticipated.  It was PHANTASTIC!!!  Stations from
all over Europe could be heard for long periods with extremly good
signals on 2m SSB..  Unfortunatly I did not stayed up all the night, awaiting an
even better show next day..  ;) Anyway, no visual observations on both
days.. cloudy sky all the nights..

Some hams seems to think that they need to have an EME like station and
kilowatts of power for working Meteor Scatter on 2m-SSB..

Here is an interesting report...   73s de Peter

VHF @WW          de:DL5MAE 18.11.98 19:30   5   1728 Bytes
Leonids 98 (DL5MAE/Mobile)!
*** Bulletin-ID: IB8DB0AAB06P ***

Sent: 981118/1919z @:DB0AAB.#BAY.DEU.EU [FH-Muenchen JN58SD] 
From: DL5MAE @ DB0AAB.#BAY.DEU.EU To:   VHF @ WW X-Info: No login 

Hello All, 
I dont like to bore you with long QSO-list (my QSO list is short
as I was only QRV for abt 1 hour). 
During this Leonids I was NOT using my big EME array. Instead of this I
did use a 30W station and a 17el F9FT . I was QRV in the morning of the
17th from 05.30 utc to abt 06.40utc . Then I had to leave for work. I did
work 14 stations during this time with this QRP-gear.

In my car I have an old YAESU FT290R with SSB. 
Of course, when I was on the way to my work I was stand-by on 144.200MHz.
I did hear lots of reflections from many EU-stations. Especially F/G8MBI
produced nice bursts. While he was calling CQ I answered his call and we
made a SSB random QSO both sides 59!

My rig is FT290R with small PA (20W) , antenna is sticking on the 
windscreen (no preamp).
Of course, the antenna is a simple vertical.

Anyone worked /m before via MS? I mean "real /m" (not using a yagi 
and operating from a parking car).

Because of the road conditions (ice and snow and heavy traffic) I was not
able to tune much around...


Vy 73 de DL5MAE 
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