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Leonids APRS packet results

I built an APRS MAP backup file of all of the MS packets detected and it
can be loaded into APRSdos to see the results.  But for those of you
without APRS, here is a text summary of the Leonids MS event:

To summarixe the map, there were 2 north south reports between CA and
WASH, None across the continental divide but WD0E in Denver and N5TAM in
Texas saw packets from Alabama.  All the rest of the calls were scattered
east of the mississippi and from Florida to Canada for a total of at least
35 reports and at least double that many total packets.  de WB4APR, Bob

N2NRD  /170622z <= seen by WA4HEI 720 mi 
N2NRD  /170537z <= seen by N8QLT  469 mi
N3OBQ  /170622z <= seen by WA4HEI 681 mi
W3ADO-2/170653z <= seen by K4RS   821 mi 23 times
W3ADO-2/170653z <= seen by KE4CUA 651 mi
W3ADO-2/180718z <= seen by WA4HEI 690 mi
K4RS   /170655z <= Seen by W3ADO  821 mi  twice
K4RS   /170655z <= Seen by W2EV   1100 mi twice
K4RS   /170800z <= Seen by N3ZLL  871 mi  twice
WA4HEI /......z <= Seen by W2EV   462 mi 
WA4HEI /......z <= Seen by N3ZLL  690 mi 
WA4HEI /......z <= Seen by N2NRD  720 mi 
WA4HEI /......z <= Seen by N3OBQ  680 mi 
WA4HEI /......z <= Seen by N3OZB  680 mi 
WB4RXZ /170400z <= Seen by N3ZLL  437 mi 
WB4RXZ /170400z <= Seen by KB4LCI 350 mi
W0IBM  /......z <= Seen by W2EV   740 mi 
W0IBM  /......z <= Seen by KE4CUA 1185 m 
W2EV   /17....z <= Seen by WA8INZ 866 mi
N3UYI  /170537z <= Seen by N8QLT  537 mi
N3OBQ  /170536z <= Seen by N8QLT  536 mi
VE2DWE /170825z <= Seen by N8QLT  560 mi
VE2DWE /17????z <= Seen by KA1LM  535 mi
N2QAE  /170936z <= Seen by N8QLT  456 mi
K7RR   /171500z <= Seen by WA7HRA 1000 mi
N8DEU  /17????z <= Seen by N5TAM  670 mi 
N8DEU  /171415z <= Seen by WD0E   1071 mi
N8DEU  /1811??z <= Seen by N3OBQ  670 mi
N8DEU  /1811??z <= Seen by W2EV   757 mi
N8DEU  /18????z <= seen by K4RS   621 mi
N7HXP  /17????z <= Seen by KF6QNC 689 mi
N3OZB  /180530z <= Seen by WA4HEI 690 mi
N8QLT  /??????z <= Seen by W2EV   296 mi
KC8CSD /??????z <= Seen by W2EV   304 mi
VE2DWE /??????z <= Seen by KA1LM  535 mi

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