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Re: MScatter good here last night

In a message dated 98-11-18 05:05:56 EST, n8ocx@AMSAT.Org writes:

> Last night was the first time I've monitored Leonid scatter.
>  Signal were very sporadic, as expected, but at times 5/9!  Could 
>  have worked some good DX with a kilowatt, but had a lot of fun
>  just listening from this 'peanut whistle' satellite station.
>  This was a fun diversion, and good use of the excellent receiver
>  systems most of us have for satellite work.
>  Good Luck and have fun tonight!
>  Brook Smith N8OCX

Hi Brook,

Most of our "peanut whistle" satellite stations are most capable of meteor
scatter. You don't need the KW, however it would be nice! I worked 2 stations
from here in VT with my Sat system. AA8Q in EM79 and K4TAN in EM75. AA8Q was
20 over!

I run a KLM 22C and 150 watts on 2M for an ERP of ~ 2.5kW.

I think the secret to making the QSO's was to not try and battle it out with
the KW guys on .200. I would monitor 144.200 and when I heard activity, switch
VFO's to .195 or .210 etc and call CQ scatter. It worked for my 2 contacts.

I only spent about 3 hours Tuesday morning beginning at 4AM, so it wasn't a
serious effort, but what a blast!

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
"A closed mouth gathers no feet."
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